Hydrometallurgy is part of the wider field of extractive metallurgy where the science and technologies of aqueous solution chemistry are applied in an environmentally sound and cost effective ways for the recovery of metals from a wide variety of metal-bearing sources, such as ores, concentrates, intermediates and recycled materials, into useable products for the society.

Hydrometallurgy technologies form an integral part of a growing number of metallurgical processes, both in operation and in development. Canada is richly endowed with mineral resources and is a world leader in hydrometallurgical production plants, technology development and education.

The Hydrometallurgy Section serves the hydrometallurgy community in Canada and abroad by:

The Section operates through a committee comprised of representatives from major mining companies in Canada, academic and research institutions, as well as technology vendors and engineering companies that have a strong presence in the field of hydrometallurgy.

Latest News

• The 4th International Symposium on Iron Control in Hydrometallurgy (read more), the 2nd International Symposium on Electrometallurgy 2016 (read more), and the Rare Earth Elements 2016 (read more) will be part of the IMPC/COM 2016 Conference in Quebec City, QC, on Sept. 11–15, 2016.

• Congratulations to the recipient of the 2015 Hydrometallurgy Undergraduate Scholarship: Justin Riggio (McGill University), to our recipient of the 2015 Lucy Rosato Scholarship: Caitlyn McKinley (Queen’s University), and to our recipient of the 2015 Gordon Ritcey Award: Alex Burns (UBC).

• The Section encourages student involvement in the field of hydrometallurgy by offering student support for conferences, scholarships and awards each year. See details at Student Support/Affaires étudiants.

• Please join our LinkedIn group MetSoc Hydrometallurgy Section!